Imagery that speaks


I have never thought much of Maytag as a brand, but I think that this particular advertising campaign is very strong. Maytag ran an advertising campaign titled “What’s Inside That Matters”. This campaign emphasizes the durability and dependability of their products by highlighting how the internal workings of their appliances support how much people rely on them.

Take a look at the commercial above. Similar to the All State commercials which used a human being to portray “mayhem”, Maytag has used a human being to illustrate how our appliances are used.

I think that the imagery is very powerful; stating that refrigerators work nonstop is one thing, but depicting it with a running man is another! Truthfully speaking, I have never really considered that the refrigerator is in use continuously, I think we just take it for granted. Possibly, the only time I realize its significance is when there is a blackout. It is then that we see its importance!

There is this feeling by consumers that advertisers and marketers will say anything to “land a sale”. How then do they convince their audiences that their claims are credible? How do they get their audiences to care about what they are saying?Advertising agencies, marketing departments, corporate communication departments and companies as a whole have been forced to push the creative limits to produce commercials that have lasting effects without appearing to gimmicky.

In the Maytag advertisement, the running man compares the use of a refrigerator with use of a television and blender, stating “the TV can spend hours relaxing, the blender spends most days snoozing, but there is no such thing as down time for a fridge”. This establishes a direct connection with the audience. We can associate with using our television and then turning it off, the same for the blender and other small appliances. I think we can all appreciate that the refrigerator is always turned on. This scenario is both credible and evokes emotional connection.

Commercials feel so tangible that television viewers feel a real sense of association with the products. Now, what I need to find out, is, the return on investment.

Do these types of commercials and campaigns really drive sales? I wish I could speak to the Maytag sales team directly!

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