Product vs. Quality Service

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I have worked in the event planning industry for some time, specifically I managed corporate events. The most important thing to an event planner is their “rolodex”. Of course I do not refer to the inanimate object that is placed on your desk, but, more specifically I refer to the contacts that you acquire over the years.

Similar to communications professionals, event planners rely heavily on various vendors all working together for the successful execution of an event.
Now, there are hundreds of individuals providing services in photography, graphic design, catering, decorating, audio/ visual etcetera etcetera etcetera¬†(have you seen ‘The King and I’? lol)¬† … but… who makes the cut?!
There are two types of providers:-
  1. Those who provide a product. The photographer who takes photographs and then delivers them to you on a CD. The caterer who cooks food. The graphic designer who designs your art work.
  2. Those who provide quality service. The photographer who sits with you to discuss the feel of your event and the types of shots that would be most important to you or your client. The caterer who presents you with various options for food and beverage depending on the type of event. The graphic designer who presents you with a ‘mock up’ of what the final product could look like before going to print.
The main difference here is that some providers provide a quality service. While the ones that provide just a product may be a cheaper option, price does not beat quality service.
Even as a professional providing a service ourselves, it is always important to provide quality service; don’t just “do your job”.
If we have friends in the industry who we wish to hire to provide services, we should encourage them to provide the best quality of service. Producing an event, an advertisement, a pr campaign or simply some sort of publishing, requires quality work.
We can add quality to our service by putting the needs of our client (or the company you work for) first. What decisions would best benefit the client; financially and otherwise? Which service provider would assist you in creating a positive lasting impression? Will the end result be something that you are proud to be associated with?
In this industry, it is important to provide more than just a “product”.
I always choose quality of service rather than just quality of product.
What about you?

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